“Do It Yourself” gains popularity: fascinating “New Dress a Day” blog

January 4, 2012 in Fashion philosophy, Seeking advice

Lately, I’ve been coming across a ton of DIY ideas on fashion blogs. To “do it yourself” can consist of actually hand-crafting an accessory or outfit from scratch, or even just updating a thrift store find by making minor alterations. Sewing is something I have always wanted to learn more about; it would be awesome to design a party dress for a special occasion instead of searching the stores for the right one. However, to design my own dress would be a huge step–I’ve never done more than alter a hem-line. We should look into how everyday people are changing their old clothing into new styles, or buying thrift or consignment outfits and changing them to fit into their wardrobe.

The next few weeks I would like to examine DIY trends, as well as call to attention the improvements that don’t require being a seamstress. Anything from cutting out shoulder pads to adding patches or decals can modernize or individualize something that’s out-of-date.

Here is the Flud article that made me consider the growing popularity of DIY:
DIY Style Blog Round-Up


The article mentions a really interesting site called “New Dress a Day,” made by a woman who got laid off from her job and dedicated herself to “spending the entire year without doing an ounce of traditional clothing shopping.” Each day she will only shop for used clothing or update her current wardrobe, allotting herself a budget of $1 a day.

Even as a struggling college student, this budget seems crazy to me. Skeptical at first, I scrolled the blog’s pages hoping to find some inspiration–which I did. The transformations looked beautiful. No blind eye would dub these clothes as being a dollar purchase; these styles, at least in my opinion, could easily be sold at popular “indie” type of stores (I.e. UO, Anthrolopolgie, Free People, etc.).

This blog is definitely worth checking out. There are also giveaways daily for active members that are added in the drawing just by commenting on that day’s item (something fun to consider). Maybe you’ll even gain some inspiration to add changes to clothes in your own closet!


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  1. Love the outfits. I had two outfits custom made for me in my life that I can think of — my red Chinese wedding tunic and a Native American outfit made by a Turtle Clan Mohawk woman. I wear the former on special occassions, and the latter … well … my wife dosn’t let me really. I love it though.

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